Google is Changing the Way We Internet

The 20s are a decade set apart. And one we will see covered with an entire high school history course dedicated to it in the near future. This I do not doubt. However, with the pandemic came an acceleration of change. Things we were on the cusp of became old hat overnight. Gone were the brick and mortar offices and showing up in person for non-essential jobs. Zoom became a reality even our aging parents began to figure it out. We whined about a lot of the limitations we faced but secretly enjoyed the excuse to be a little lazy. Google found its chance to do what it has been trying to do for decades, that is, change the way we Internet. 

The Rise of the Entrepreneur 

I saw many semi-profitable companies immediately shut their doors, batten the hatches and take whatever bailouts they were given. However, I also started to see the entrepreneurial spirit start to spark. It grew within others who had shown up their entire lives and who were now faced with some downtime.
A lot of these folks, without much of a budget to start with, are asking me how to show up online. Specifically, on Google. So I am going to put out an actionable start and if you need help from here, reach out. I am always willing to help anyone working for positive change and growth.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Google Ads

The first thing you are going to do if you have not is to open a Google Ads account. This is a simple step and one you can decide to use an existing Google account with or set up a new account.
At that point, you will follow prompts to set up basics, such as your billing information and other pertinent information regarding your business, such as your location.

There are two primary types of ads you can build out now. One is Google Display Network ads and the other is Search Ads. Google Ads typically refers to search ads and Google Display Network ads refer to, well–Google Display Network ads.
Having built out ads with significant budgets in both areas, I have seen better traction for Search Ads.

Here we go. You can keep it very basic, and this is where I am going to start you off. We can graduate to running multiple campaigns once you’ve gotten your feet wet and you learn the strength of the current and feel like setting some serious sails.

So let’s first ensure you understand what Google Ads are, so you begin to form your best strategy. You don’t want to learn Blackjack by sitting at the table and playing with real money, and you don’t want to learn Google Ads that way either.

Grab a Sheet, It’s Assignment Time!

So here is your first quick assignment. I want you to think of all of the products or services you offer. List them on a piece of paper.

Next, think of what searches those products/services answer. In other words, what search are you an answer to? Be careful here, think of how your typical client asks the question, not how you or the subject-matter expert on the product might. For instance, I offer marketing services to small to medium size companies. While other agencies and larger corporations may know that what I offer is digital marketing and SEO, SEM, etc, the smaller company is more likely to be unconcerned with what the specific types of marketing are called and may simply search “how do I make my business show up on Google?”

Strategizing Keywords

Get the idea? Now you have written down a list of keywords or phrases your ideal client is likely using to describe your service or product. So, now you have a good starting point for building your bidding strategy. There are also countless free and paid services to help you brainstorm keywords. These services will also help you find phrases related to your primary ideas and that you may not have thought of.

These words are what you will bid on. Now you set a budget for the amount you will be okay spending daily to show up on Google. Typically, keywords with a high minimum bid are popular keywords that are searched often and have a lot of competition in the auction. Those with a lower cost associated are less frequently searched and there is no significant competition surrounding them.

Crafting Content

Next is your time to really let your product SHINE. Now you will write compelling ads. And these ads should really remind your niche of how much they need/want/desire/crave what you offer. Check out my video for crafting your content. Reach out if you need help. Remember, Moore Green Marketing is New Braunfels based but we help small to medium-sized companies on a global level, always at a price you can afford and with an eye to ROI. I am only a comment away, so please don’t ever hesitate to reach out!

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