This is going to be a quick read, but I wanted to share my thoughts and really get a point across on why we must support local, New Braunfels. Locally, and around the nation, newspapers are relying on a “Best of” competition to bring in income and traffic for what some view as an obsolete business. Secondstreet.com is the platform behind this initiative–as they are for many newspaper publications–like the Herald Zietung. The idea is for local businesses to be nominated in a first round. After that, finalists are announced and a huge push is expected by the finalists to claim the highly sought after spot as “the best of…”

“I’m looking at the finalists for year 2019 and I see what I saw in 2018. Several categories with big name corporate chains dominating.”

I’m looking at the finalists for year 2019 and I see what I saw in 2018. Several categories with big name corporate chains dominating. What? What are we doing here? I like to think that locals are voting for true locals and that the chains are likely using their massive employee count to seal in their placement in these competitions. Until Ashley and I can finalize our directory for TRULY LOCAL businesses, we continually push and embrace the importance of supporting local, wherever that local may be.

Here’s an example. And this isn’t a client of ours (although if you want to be, bring it). Best hardware store?

  1. Lowe’s Home Improvement
  2. Home Depot
  3. Henne Hardware

Who is really local?

I hope you voted correctly. I have heard first-hand from a marketing director at a local hospital that they email out their 400+ employees routinely and remind them to vote. And that is just at their “local hospital”, they have lots, lots more throughout the US at their other locations. True locals hardly stand a chance. For best 24 hour emergency room, (and they are a client of ours) we vote Lonestar 24 HR ER. Why? Not only are they highly active in our community, they are TRULY LOCAL. Get the picture?

What about the best real estate agent from the finalists this year? Does it get more local than Nikki Barnett, the “Moms of New Braunfels Uncensored” moderator? By the way, if you’re a mom and haven’t joined that group, you should–but be warned–it can get dicey in there!

Best acupuncturist? I’d vote Gruene Dragon. I haven’t used an acupuncturist ever, but I have friends who do and they speak very highly of Kim there. And, they’re LOCAL.

Best carpet cleaners? Kenason has my vote. And this is a local family-run business. A family who adopted a foster child. All-round good people in the community we just love to support. I’d hate to see a chain run them off.

Best cleaners/laundry? Oh my, if you haven’t given your business to Dave’s on Elliot Knox, and you need a dry cleaner, they are my go-to. So good and so affordable!

Best eye doctor? I’d go with Natalie R. Wiggins, OD. She remembered my daughter’s name, had great follow-up and is a local doc with her own practice.

Best plumber? Happy to see a couple of local options, but we choose Jacob over at Fast Flow Plumbing and Drain, LLC. They are local, family-run business and have done great work for us–and have given us business as well.

Best private school? I’ve given Sts. Peter and Paul my vote, as my kids go there and, I mean, talk about history!

Sts Peter and Paul church steeple showing the best of new braunfels logo

Sometimes supporting local is free

It may cost slightly more, and I get it. Especially, when times are tough. But when we choose the chains over the local Mom & Pop shops, we are passively letting them go out of business. And we will see New Braunfels fade and become less of the quintessential Hallmark town we embrace and more of a generic bustling metropolis. There is no doubt the town is growing, but we can have some say in the way it takes shape.

Support local–New Braunfels–when you can. And vote local. True local, New  Braunfels.

Who are you voting for?

If we left you off and your local business off, and you would like to tell us why it should receive local votes, please comment! And if you need help with your marketing strategy, Moore Green Marketing is happy to consult and get a game plan in place to drive traffic, engage users, enhance email marketing all with an end game of expanding your brand awareness and increasing SALES.

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