Social Media Marketing: How to go from Nuisance to Newsworthy

(Or from terrible to sharable, from stalemate to click-bait, from hollow words to followers…you get the jpg)

I’m going to be totally honest. In my news feed, 99% of live-streaming videos give the rest a bad name. To say I cannot stand them is an understatement. It is almost as if everyone watched the same youtube course on how to go live, too. If I typed out the dialogue, it would go something like this, (talking to someone off camera) “Okay, it says we are live. .  .(nervous giggle). Oh my GOSH! HI guys!” Over-the-top positivity, eyebrows lifted to the hairline, valley-girl voice in full effect. As the few viewers/BFFs shout out a hello, the broadcaster trails off, instead reading the comments and responding back with a, “Hey girrrrl!”

Let’s be straight. Getting a notification that someone is going live (AGAIN) is like getting a notification that a commercial is about to air.

Can live videos be effective?


Are live videos going anywhere?

Not likely.


So what do we do? We make the most of our marketing efforts. We make the most of what we post live. For a marketing agency such as Moore Green, it makes a difference how many followers we have, because that is a testament to our brand’s reach. But when you have a specialty niche clientele, it should NOT matter your reach if your aim is not targeted and you’re throwing things out everywhere with a spray and pray mentality. Which brings me to another point, maximizing your ad spend.

There are proven ways to outSMART your competition without having to outSPEND them. If you are advertising without strategy, you are wasting ad dollars.

Were you aware you can customize your target audience on your social media ads? Sure everyone can see your page and your posts. But you can boost specific posts and target ads to a relevant audience, one that converts viewers into paying customers.


Getting in front of the right audience and being strategic in your social media posts begins with a few basic rules.

How much money have you been wasting with unclear messages?

Make sure your message is clear. If you aren’t sure where you are going with your post, your customer won’t either. Tell your story but don’t make yourself the hero. Instead bring your customer into the story. They are an integral part of defining your brand, what you stand for, why you are what you are. Make sure they feel that love.

Want help? Let’s talk. Spend smarter. Grow better. Align with Moore Green Marketing. Because finding out how your specific business can do all of this IS our business.


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