DIY Marketing May Be Your Business’ Last Mistake

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Time is your most valuable commodity

When I talk to anyone in my profession, I often hear a common theme. Time is money and it is valuable. But the same goes for everyone. It’s our most valuable asset. When you are on your deathbed, you’re probably not wishing that you had more in your bank account. No, you’re far more likely to wish for just a little more TIME–time with your loved ones, time to make things right, time to sit in the sun and listen to the breeze rustling leaves out of the trees on a crisp fall day.

What are you doing all this for?

The Moore part of Moore Green–Mrs. Ashley Moore–reminded me the other day, that I should really safeguard my time and not let others spend it for their benefit and not my own. That goes for all of us out here trying to run a business. With our time we do what we are good at and that will make us a profit. With the rest of our time, we should not busy ourselves with other business matters we aren’t very adept at, that should be the time you give freely to your loved ones and to yourself. After all, that precious time is what you are doing all the rest of it for.

My clients share one commonality. They are business owners who need help–NOW–and when we get the call or the message, we get excited. Excitement at the opportunity to take a brand and bring it awareness, take a business and make it profitable, take a concept and create a logo, a website, a promo, a campaign. Then we go in for the consult.

Hurry up and wait

We hear the myriad reasons why nothing has worked and why sales strategies are all over the place. We know we can streamline processes and rid these business owners of the chaos surrounding marketing, freeing their time and allowing them to do what they set out to do. But after that initial consult, maybe a few more meetings, all too often we find ourselves in the same boat. The boat on still waters.  

The lack of a successful marketing campaign gearing up for many businesses is because of one reason. These potential clients hear what needs to be done and decide they want to tackle it themselves. They will save money. It’s more cost-effective. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? We’ve effectively shed some light onto areas they’ve neglected, areas they could improve, strategies that are genius! They are just going to roll up their sleeves and get to it themselves!

But unless they are running a marketing company, their business is not marketing--and let’s be honest, they are probably not that great at it.

If it’s on the Internet, it must be true

There are how-tos all over the Internet on how to design your own website. You can sign up and listen to podcasts on successful email, text or social media marketing campaigns. You can sit through several of these and take from them very little that will help you succeed. Most are gimmicks getting you primed for how easy it is and then asking you to sign up and pay for further information with tactics that simply don’t relate to your business and won’t work. You’ll sit through an hour of how these strategies have worked for so many others but you won’t hear the actual strategies unless you pay and sit through even more, and even then, it’s a gamble to think you’ll ever get anything usable.

Search engine optimization, Google analytics, blog writing, these are all specialty skills that take experience and time to hone. I am adept at what I do because I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve spent decades working in marketing. It was my career path. And when I decided to open my own business and share my abilities with others, I found myself staying busy but not with the profitable stuff! I was worrying over tax IDs and accounting. I finally turned to my client. A CPA who has honed his skills over decades doing what comes naturally to him. Accounting. See how that works?

Do what you know

We had a client that was a woodworker. He didn’t know a thing about marketing. He also knew that he wanted to sell his gorgeous custom cedar furniture. If he had spent the time figuring out how to consistently do that–guess what he would no longer be doing? That’s right.

When you pull yourself away from what it is you set out to do, your inventory drops. A lag occurs in other areas and you are scrambling to catch up. In the case of our woodworking client, he more-or-less said, “Well, if I do my own marketing I’m not making furniture. If I figure out how to spend my time getting sales but don’t have anything to sell, well that’s a bad boat to be in.”

And he is right! The two are simply not mutually exclusive and are so contingent upon one another. As much as you need marketing, we need you. We need you to do what you do. Do it well. We want clients we are proud to represent and who will make us look as great as we will make you.

The work/life balance

Now I’m off to do bulletin boards at my kids’ school. They will be overly excited to see me and I will try to sit in the tiny chairs for lunch and listen to them tell me about their days. It is called a work/life balance and I am learning how to make it a reality.

Let a bonafide marketer help you

If you are a business and you are struggling with your reach–know that you don’t have to reach any farther than your own arm’s length. Reach for my team at Moore Green Marketing, and let doors open. We keep you on solid ground, doing what you love and we take our role up from there.

Don’t invest your time poorly. Don’t spend your time doing marketing when you could be making a profit. You won’t fail if you do what you know best. Let us do what we know best. If we all could commit to this, we will all succeed–together.

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