Start Showing Up On Google With 3 Simple Steps

by Nov 7, 2018SEO16 comments

Are you doing everything you can to network and market across Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms but you are still not showing up on Google searches?

Did you know that there are some very basic steps far too many clients skip that are going to void their best search engine optimizing tactics? Read on to find out what you may be missing that can be a game changer in terms of placement in search results.

Surprisingly, some business owners really think they are in the clear regarding their search engine presence when, in reality, they are absolutely invisible. They search Google for their product or service and their business shows up. But passing that test is like going into your store, searching for your own logo and using that frequency to gauge how visible you are in all of New Braunfels.

Google has identifiers for frequently cyber-visited sites or sites you’ve physically been in or near with regularity. So while your business might appear on your own google search, others who have not heard of your business may continue on with ignorance. For many, this is because they simply haven’t put the effort into properly establishing their business on Google, the world’s number one search engine.

You can do this through Google My Business

and if you have yet to do so, read on.

Let’s start with the basics of GMB.


You will want to know if you show up on Google to your target audience. Those are the folks who are looking for a business just like yours but haven’t heard of yours yet. If you are using Chrome, you can do this easily. Simply click “Control + Shift + N” to open an incognito search. Or open your browser and look to the top right for the three stacked dots. Click there and select “New incognito window.”

Now run your search as someone in your target market might. For instance, if you sell adorable children’s clothing like Lil’ Coonies Cottage, you are used to seeing your boutique show up on Google maps, even though your website is under construction and not yet published (stay tuned for the link to online shopping for your sweet prince/ss soon). If you want to see what those looking for your product might see from their search, think like they do and type in words they might be using to form a question your business is the answer to (by the way, these are your keywords). So now that you are incognito, type in “boutique children’s clothing in new braunfels” or “specialty clothing for children”.

You won’t show up en force unless you’ve set up your business on Google My Business. Here’s how to go about doing just that.

Go to GMB and select the option to sign in.

From there follow the prompts to enter your physical address and select whether or not your business delivers goods or services, and if so, your service area range. Also select whether you want your address to be hidden or shown. You can drop a pin on a map to show where you are located as well.

Choose a category for your business.

Choose contact details. Here you could allow Google to generate a free website for you, which I would not recommend. If you need a website, let’s talk.

Verify your business.

This is the third and final step necessary in order to appropriately allow someone to manage your listing. This is really where you lay the foundation for your SEO efforts to build upon.

Even if your business is primarily online and does not have a physical representation, it is just as imperative to complete your GMB profile. While address map placement is irrelevant for non-brick and mortar businesses, you will still increase the odds of showing up in organic search results. Organic results are the results that show up under the paid listings which are preceded with the word “Ad”. If you’re like me, you skip the ads and go to the first or second organic listing generated by your search and that is really the most cost-effective place you want to be.

Organic reach has become a bigger struggle than ever before. While the benefit of living in a small town makes your likelihood of showing up on Google far greater, there are still some basic steps every business should take to ensure all other SEO efforts aren’t thwarted.

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